The Air Jordan line has always taken inspiration from the act of flight, both on and off the court. In 1990 it was WWII fighter planes, whose forms and features – especially the shark-mouth nose art – were echoed by the Air Jordan V's most distinct design lines. The theme was continued on the classic red-and-black flight suits from the same era. The latest Air Jordan V connects both expressions of flight, delivering a stand-out look that's loaded with history.
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The Act of Flight

Air Jordan V & Aircraft Inspiration

It's safe to say that Tinker Hatfield's passion for luxury cars and airplanes plays into his Jordan creations. In result, the various Jordan silhouettes are constantly evolving, both in style and technology. In this particular style, Hatfield and MJ have taken inspiration from the country's highest technological advancements: military aircraft "fighter planes." The comparison is most evident in the "teeth" on the front of the midsole. This look mimics the nose on a WWII Mustang fighter plane. The idea came to the designer when thinking about Jordan's game on the court being similar to how an airplane strikes: "Floating on it's edges and attacking when off-guard."