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The perfect pairing of Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny took the world by storm when they teamed together for a Jordan Brand TV commercial in 1992. The two global icons let the world into their friendship, a friendship that has spanned 23 years, six championships and countless threats from the intergalactic toon world. Now Lola Bunny gets her turn! Taking cues from her color palette, the Air Jordan 1 gets turned up a notch and is ready for whatever challenge gets in your way. The Jordan Air Jordan 1 High Lola Bunny Grade-School (Wheat/Shimmer-Pink Glaze) is Available now!
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Jordan 1

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  1. The Air Jordan 1 was designed by the same guy who created Adidas’ Three Bars logo.
    Peter Moore created the Air Jordan 1 in 1985 and would then go on to work with Adidas to design their Three Bars logo.
  2. The original retail price for the Jordan 1 was $65.
    When the Air Jordan1 debuted in 1985 Nike set the MSRP at just $65. Given inflation, that is the equivalent to $145 in 2015.
  3. The original black and red Air Jordan 1 is the most re-released Jordan of all time.
    Since its release in 1985 the black and red version of the Air Jordan 1 has been the most retro’d style of all time for Jordan Brand. The sneaker has been rereleased over six times.
  4. Michael Jordan was fined $5,000 per game when he first wore the shoe.
    In the 80’s the NBA had a strict and formal uniform policy that required player shoes to match their jersey.
  5. Michael Jordan didn’t like the sneaker when he first saw it.
    Jordan Brand first presented MJ with the Air Jordan 1 in the black and red colorway. Immediately after giving it a quick glimpse, Jordan was not fond of the shoe stating it was in enemy colors, as in UNC’s rival NC State’s traditional school colors.

History of the Air Jordan 1

The one that started it all

Every great story has a beginning. For Jordan Brand it started in 1985 with the debut of the original Air Jordan. The first of what is now the most iconic signature sneaker line of all time set in motion the birth of a new age in footwear. Designed by Peter Moore, the shoe was created to make an instant bang in the NBA and that it did. Shortly after its debut MJ would begin to be fined $5,000 each time he wore the iconic black and red make up because it did not meet the leagues uniform policy. After the NBA’s decision to hit Mike with a costly punishment, Nike would go on to make modifications to Jordan’s primary color styles. What came after was an arsenal of looks that ranged from tributes to his alma-mater UNC to the now classic Royal and Black Toe colorways. Jordan would go on to cement the start of his legendary career by earning Rookie of the Year during the ’85-86 season, forever enshrining the Jordan 1 in history. Nine years later Jordan Brand would re-issue the silhouette in two styles to coincide with MJ’s first retirement. In 2001 the Air Jordan 1 saw its second full retro launch with the return of the black and red, royal, midnight navy and a few other first time designs. Since then the silhouette has remained a staple in the Jordan Brand retro line returning in new styles and classics. How many do you own?


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