The Franchise Jay Claxton

***PARENTAL ADVISORY*** Strong Language "The Franchise" Jay Claxton released this first installment of "Motivation", featuring big cuts from the Baltimore & DC (DMV) region as well as some of your hip hop favorites from around the country.


DTLR Radio- Tristian "Mack" Wilds

Tristian "Mack" Wilds, known from hit shows The Wire and 90210 stops by to have a conversation with DTLR radio to discuss his acting career and his transition into a new music career.


DTLR Radio Interview- Lil Mo

DTLR Radio sits down to have a conversation with RnB diva Lil Mo


DTLR Radio Interview-Maino

Maino calls DTLR radio to give an update on what he’s been u to lately.


DTLR Radio Interview-AKOO head designer and creative director Zack McGee

Zack McGee calls in DTLR and gives DTLR a description of what AKOO is about and where it started.


DTLR Radio Interview- David Ballin, Puma’s CM Merchandizing Manager

David Ballin sits down and talks with DTLR radio about the new Puma releases for the back to school season.


DTLR Radio- Interview with Kevin McCall

Kevin McCall sits down and converses with DTLR Radio for this exclusive interview.