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Two words: Blue Chips. If that doesn’t ring any bells to you, you should be so inclined to step your sports-flick game up. For this new Blood’s Thicker Jersey, we took it all way back to 1994. Not a typical outstanding piece of filmmaking during the early 90s, but today, Blue Chips stands the test of time as the best obscure basketball star casted films of all time. Aside from being part of the pivotal 1993 draft day trade which sent him to Orlando, Penny Hardaway went by a fictional alias-- Butch McRae. Butch was a superstar at St. Joseph’s High School in Chicago. Standing at 6’8” tall and playing like a beast on the court, every school in the country wanting him. But, playing college basketball was just a fun, loving sport to Butch McRae. To vigorous coach Pete Bell of the Western University Dolphins, Butch was an investment and losing wasn’t an option. So, when winning is at stake, sometimes, there are no rules. But throughout the difficulties of playing college ball, Butch remained an extraordinary player. Given the 20+ year anniversary of “Blue Chips”, maybe it’s time for a remake! Who would you recruit? Villa and Fabolous come together to bring you the exclusive Blood's Thicker "Watch Me Ball" Jersey Collection representing the most iconic sports stars of the silver screen. The Blood's Thicker Western University - Butch McRae Jersey is available soon ONLY at and at a Villa location near you!
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