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Pimples and a deep voice weren’t the only things Scott Howard had to worry about during those awkward stages of puberty. Unfortunately, he had to go through some hairy situations as a Teen Wolf. Luckily, those moments led him to become a superstar as a Beaver on the high school basketball team. However, you couldn’t help but to envy and feel sorry for his character all together. Many of us can relate to being an amateurish teen having problems with school, battling with the pressure to excel in all athletic activities, and getting noticed by the popular girl. But how many of us can say we had an alter ego that is a half human-wolf hybrid (and can prove it)? Howard used his newfound werewolf powers to excel on the court, often frightening many folks. But hey, when you are playing like a beast on the court (literally and figuratively speaking) who cares? At the end, he proved he didn’t need his werewolf genetic mutation to win. By being the charming boy he always was (and a little bit of beast within), he was able to lead his team to victory at the State Championship. And win the girl! Villa and Fabolous come together to bring you the exclusive Blood's Thicker "Watch Me Ball" Jersey Collection representing the most iconic sports stars of the silver screen. The Blood's Thicker Beavers Scott Howard Jersey is available soon ONLY at and at a Villa location near you!
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