DTLR Sponsoring Your Event


DTLR is an urban fashion retailer operating in several regions throughout the East Coast and is currently expanding to the Midwest. DTLR retails footwear, men's apparel, and accessories from some of today's hottest brands. Over the years, DTLR has been involved in programs and events that help support the communities we serve. DTLR has helped inner city youth and young adults to excel through education, hard work, and giving back to the community. 


Sponsorship is DTLR's effort to give back to the community and inner city youth in the categories of fashion, sports, community, and special events. DTLR's sponsorship efforts represent its dedication to the community and those that support DTLR. 

Each sponsorship request will be evaluated individually according to its proposal. DTLR reserves the right to reject sponsorship proposals including but not limited to those that: 


Involve any type of unlawful activity

Involve gambling, betting, or gaming

Support political organizations

Denigrate, exclude or offend community groups

Present a hazard to the community

Create environmental hazards

Do not complement DTLR's values



Successful sponsorship applicants will be required to enter into a sponsorship agreement with DTLR, which details: 

Level of sponsorship benefits agreed to

Legal public liability indemnity for DTLR

Payment terms

Evaluation options


To help DTLR evaluate your sponsorship request, your proposal should include/cover relevant points from the list below. 




Assessment of Applications 

Applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their proposal

Sponsorships will be selected on the basis of criteria related to participation in fashion, sports, community outreach, and special events


Submission of Applications 

To apply to DTLR for sponsorship you should follow these two easy steps:

1.  Read our sponsorship selection criteria

2.  Submit a sponsorship request in email to sponsorships@dtlr.com listing all following the details:


To help DTLR evaluate your sponsorship request, your proposal should include/cover relevant points from the list below. 


Event Details

Concise description of the event/activity

Objectives of event

Location of event, as well as local, state or national extensions

Brief background of the applicant's, experience, mission statement, and long term goals for the organization or event


Event Staffing

Date and times of the event/activity

Other critical deadlines

How will you judge the success of your event


Financial Details

How much money is requested?

How will it be spent?

Are there other sponsors involved? If so, who?

Will you be seeking other sponsors? If so, who?


Target Audience

How many people will be in attendance at the event?

How many people will be partnering in the event?

Who are the target audiences for the event? (eg. Age, gender, race, etc.)



How will the event be promoted? (eg. TV, radio, flyers)

What, if any, media coverage do you expect?

What are the benefits for DTLR in sponsoring this event? Can you offer exclusivity or signage opportunities to DTLR?


History of Event

Has this event been held in the past?

If yes, how did you evaluate it and what were the results?

Please attach copies of promotional items, publicity, advertising, and photos from previous events.


The Future

Do you plan to have this event again?

Is there potential for DTLR to continue to be involved in the future?


Community Outreach

Community outreach supports youth ages 13-21

Are you requesting volunteers for your event?

Are you requesting an in-kind donation? If so what 


Organizer's Contact

Organizer's name

Organizer's email

Organizer's address

Organizer's phone number


If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to sponsorships@dtlr.com