Jordan Craig was founded in 1989 based on the ethos of delivering high quality garments to the working man; it quickly established itself as a lifestyle brand with character present in each and every item it offers.

What started as a small shirt company with roots in retail on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, NY has evolved to accommodate the needs of the customer on the street. From baggier fits to tapered looks, solid color blocks to camo and print, coated denims to twills...Jordan Craig prides itself on its ability to feel the pulse of the street and quickly transition from one trend to the next.

In the new millennium, Jordan Craig expanded its catalogue of labels with the introduction of the D-Lux Denim Brand and JC Legacy; thereby giving greater focus to higher end fashions, fabrics and finishings. With the ever-popular line of D-Lux Sweaters and Denims and JC Legacy’s Cargos and Fleece, Jordan Craig continues to grow and expand its influence in the marketplace.

Jordan Craig remains faithful to the lessons in hard work and quality learned from its humble beginnings as well as staying committed to delivering a superior product of subtle sophistication with great care, value, and cutting edge style.

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