Akoo has its finger firmly on the pulse of urban street wear culture. Akoo Clothing is creating some of the hottest tees, outerwear, sweatshirts, and jeans in today's market. With Atlanta rapper TI as one of its founding owners, along with up and coming rapper B.o.B as their newest spokesman, Akoo's influences are rooted deeply in music and urban youth culture.

Akoo stands for A King of Oneself, representing the brand's dedication to individuality and self confidence. This can be seen in their unique graphic tees, raglans, long sleeves , and outerwear which display a rugged yet refined sense of style.

Beyond graphic tees and modern takes on traditional outerwear, Akoo has delved into the cut and sew world of button ups and bold denim. This speaks to the companies connection between the underground and the mainstream, between urban and vintage culture. 

Many musicians have started clothing companies, but not many of the brands express the voice and feeling of the current culture like Akoo. A truly strong and unique addition to the street and sportswear world.




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